Non-Thermal Plasma

Negative Plasma O2 is highly reactive and k i l l s contact air-borne or surface-bound bacteria, viruses, mould, osmogens (organic odours) and toxic fumes. Plasma-O2 technology mirrors the phenomena of lightning by creating an abundant and continuous stream of oxygen plasma.

Non-Thermal Plasma

  • Non Thermal Plasma Technology (NTP)
  • Small, Compact and Silent
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Designed for 24hour Operation
  • Maintenance-free
  • No Moving Parts

The plasma tube produces a continuous stream of negatively charged oxygen plasma (visible as corona around the tube)

The plasma which also contains hydrogen peroxide is dispered into the surrounding air and travels to all corners of the room and surfaces.

The plasma oxidises contaminants thereby sterilising and purifying the air and surfaces of hamful contaminants

The negatively-charged plasma freshens the air and also helps clean the air by causing dust particles to clump together and fall to the ground as fluff

95% Particle Reduction

Reduce house dust, pollen and cigarette smoke. Helps allergy, asthma and other respiratory tract disease sufferers

98% Odour Neutralisation

Remove organic smells, cigarette smoke, oil and grease smells from kitchens, dining halls, pantry, toilets & others

90% More Germs Sterilisation

Reduce aerobic bacteria, mould & fungus Longer shelf life of foods

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